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Hi! My name is Noel Stammbach. I am a Network Engineer at B├╝hler AG, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 3 years experience as a professional Network Engineer and my 4 years as an apprenticeship in IT systems engineering, I have acquired a lot of skills and knowledge in many different areas.

  • 23
  • St.Gallen, Switzerland
  • Network, Programing, Electronics, Gaming, Reading
  • GBS St.Gallen
  • Informatiker EFZ

Experience and Focus Topics

  • Networking

    Everything to do with Cisco, from catalyst switches to ACI datacenter management over to AP management with Prime.

  • Full-Stack Development

    I have experience in Frontend web design with HTML/CSS and JavaScript including Angular. For Backend development, my prefer language of choice is PHP with the Laravel framework.

  • Automation

    To make life easier I gathered knowledge and experience to automate repeating task with different technologies, like Ansible, Python, Bash scripts or with good old PowerShell scripts.

  • Aruba Clearpass

    In my current job position, I am responsible for the global radius sever infrastructure with Aruba ClearPass.

  • Docker

    In my home lab, I have been extensively utilizing Docker to revolutionize my service hosting experience. This technology has not only increased the efficiency of my home lab experiments but also enhanced my understanding of containerization and its role in modern software development.

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